Fín grein úr The Telegraph um endurskoðun Skota á laxeldi í sjó og hættur sem stafa á opnum sjókvíum. Skotar skoða nú að flytja laxeldi á land eða í lokaðar kvíar.

Skv. The Telegraph:

“Salmon farming has done ‘enormous harm’ to fish stocks and the environment, Jeremy Paxman has warned, as he called for an overhaul of the industry to protect wildlife.

The presenter, and keen angler, said many fisheries traded on the image that salmon arrived at the table ‘fresh from the wild seas’ when, in reality most has been bred in cramped, filthy cages in the sea.

There are now 250 salmon farms on the western coast of Scotland, but the surge has coincided with a collapse in the number of wild salmon in the area. …

Research by leading fisheries charity S&TC UK indicates that there are some 120 salmon farms in Scotland within regions where the industry’s own sea lice figures exceed the recommended threshold limits.”