Áfram heldur hröð uppbygging risavaxinna landeldisstöðva víða um heim. Þessi er að rísa í Noregi.

Samkvæmt Salmon Business verður þessi stöð sú stærsta í Evrópu:

“In July last year, Møre og Romsdal county municipality in Western Norway made a commitment to land-based farming. The permit entails a maximum standing biomass of 13,300 tonnes, and annual production of 28,800 tonnes of salmon.

The company states that they have chosen throughput technology (FTS) and CO2 aeration as a concept.

“This, in combination with our unique location with unlimited access to seawater, is the main reason why we can now accelerate into the next phase. We call it sea-based farming on land,” said Reiten.”