Aegis vaktin er að taka til starfa:

Salmon farming in open net pens is risking the very existence of Iceland’s unique wild salmon that inhabited the island long before the first human settlements. Iceland’s salmon populations come from a specific evolutionary line and its population is around 60.000. Its genetic mixing with farmed salmon escaping from the pen nets, has devastating consequences on the wild fish as their ability to survive in nature is severely compromised and will eventually lead to their extinction.
This industry releases unfiltered waste into our oceans. Fish faeces, leftover feed, pesticides, drugs, microplastics and heavy metals flow unhindered in enormous quantities through the nets. The chemicals and plastics are lethal to other types of sea life.
The fight against the open net pen industry is a part of the fight for the future of the planet. Industrial salmon farming in open net pens wreaks havoc on the environment. It has severe costs for our planet and facilitates immense suffering of millions of farmed salmon. This is a merciless and inhumane way of producing food.
Aegis is a movement fighting against open net pen fish farming.